‘As a collection of carefully curated case studies and personal insights, this is a wonderful piece of work, both sympathetic and nuanced.’    

Ken Yin, Lecturer Business and Law, Edith Cowan University



I think it’s a great book. …It was genuinely helpful for me to read. I really wish this stuff was embedded in corporate culture …. It saddens me that psychological abuse in any context is made out to be a difficult topic or shameful topic to talk about. It is like mould – it thrives when kept in the dark and stillness, and dies when exposed to sun and air.

Leisha Browning, Higher Education and Health Care Sector Specialist



 ‘…a very important book on workplace harassment.’

Richard Heller, Emeritus Professor, Universities of Manchester, UK and Newcastle, Australia


‘I really like this…Looking at it as a whole… describing the situation from a bird’s eye, it’s helpful and eye-opening… You do lose perspective a little when you are in it because it’s harder to connect the dots and see the truth… On the ground it’s messy and confusing but with perspective you see it for what it is.’

Angela Jordan, Senior Specialist Curriculum Development


 I found this book very helpful – made me feel like I wasn’t so alone in my journey. Thank you for writing it.

Joyce Rieschiek, Services Officer, Queensland Department of Child Safety, Seniors and Disability Services

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