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Happy at Work: A Practical Guide to Overcoming Workplace Psychological Harassment is a call to action for ending workplace psychological harassment. It’s about reaching a place of increased flow and flourishing at work after encountering, coping with and ultimately transcending the experience of harassment. Combining insights from personal lived experience with extensive research, the book reveals why workplace psychological harassment has become so prevalent, and provides practical tips and tools to build safer, happier work environments.

Readers have described the book as an engaging read, and an honest and accessible resource. It is filled with insights and tips to guide individuals and organisations in working together to create safer, more productive workplaces.


Dr. Liz Spencer is an authority on small business regulation and an expert on the regulation of power dynamics in business settings. Her career has spanned roles as a university dean, professor, lawyer, planner and business advisor. 

Liz provides legal and consulting services and training in conflict management and healthy workplace relations. She is a leading advocate for equity in commercial law and conflict transformation, and is dedicated to equipping individuals and organisations with tools to cultivate safer, happier working lives for all.

The author of numerous publications, Liz is especially pleased to announce the release of her latest book, Happy at Work: A Practical Guide to Overcoming Workplace Psychological Harassment. 


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